The Collection_

At each harvest, the wines made from the grapes after pressing give us this feeling of discovery and the unknown. 


We vinify without knowing the result of a new vintage, even if the work in the vat room often remains the same, delicate and subtle, the revelation of the first samples is always an apprehension and a real happiness, as the product obtained moves us with each tasting. 

We then need to know how to blend our different tanks of Pinots noir, Pinots meunier, Chardonnays, and Reserve Wines, in order to obtain a champagne in the continuity of the different wines we offer.

Of course, bottling, called "Tirage", remains an important step in the elaboration process. Aging in the cellar, between four and ten years depending on the desired vintage, will be the essential process to obtain a great complexity of aromas, thanks to the storage of the vials extended on lees.

In a few years, this wonderful wine called Champagne, or "King of Wines", will be desired and adored on your most beautiful tables. All you have to do is enjoy it in the best conditions, surrounded by your friends and guests.


Beautiful discovery....

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