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Because each parcel is unique, we constantly highlight the best assets of our vineyard, in order to produce typical wines with a unique character, which characterize that of Champagne Sylvie Moreau. 

St-Euphraise with its south-facing exposure, a moderate slope for a majority of our parcels, and a very steep terrain for a small part of our vines, our terroir is located on a cold sector with a clay-limestone soil. It allows our vines to maintain fruit with a very good balance, the ratio between the volume of alcohol and acidity is ideal, thanks to optimum sunshine, which gives fresh wines, with great aromatic potential.

Saint Euphraise et Clairizet_


With its midday sunshine, a slightly sloping and flat terrain, this terroir with its characterized and shallow limestone soil, allows us to harvest grapes at full maturity at the end of the harvest, which gives us fruit with a good potential in sugar and aromas. 


Located a few kilometers from St Euphraise, on this parcel facing due south, with its humid and clayey soil, Pinot Meunier develops over time. Its grapes mature each year at the beginning of the harvest, indicating early ripening and a high sugar content. 

Trélou sur Marne


These two villages are located in the heart of the Marne Valley, between Epernay and Château-Thierry.

A parcel in the middle of the hillside, on a slightly sloping ground, a very silty and stony soil, hosts Pinot Meunier.

A second very steep parcel, silty and deep soil, with its ideal exposure for our Chardonnays, 

And a third parcel, at the top of the hill, on flat land, facing south to plant Pinot Meunier.

This predominantly steep soil gives maximum sunshine to our grapes, and allows a beautiful balance, the chardonnay expresses all its power.

Our parcel of Lagery in the heart of the Ardre Valley with its south-west exposure is composed solely of Pinot Noir. Located at the bottom of a valley on the edge of a wooded area, the vine is exposed to heavy frosts in winter, but keeps a certain freshness in summer, which allows us to keep our grapes as healthy as possible.


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